Where do you eat and what:

I would like to recommend you some delicious local dishes and the restaurants where you could taste them . Naxos as a fertile island could offer you a number of local dishes with naxian products. Naxos has its own potatoes , its meat , its fish and sea food so whatever you would taste in our restaurants is local.

You should really taste “ sayanaki “ made from Yraviera ( A salty naxian cheese , known through Greece) , which is served with honey as an appetizer .You could also have choriatiki salad with xinomizithra( xinomizithra= cream- cheese made in Naxos). Naxos also produces a large range of meats . A variety of local dishes having meat with different sauces and served with potatoes , or spaghetti are in every restaurant’s menu , such as rosto ( pork with red sauce) , rooster cooked in wine sauce ( kokoras krasatos) , “ vrasti zoula ( a kind of boiled meat ), …… . Our restaurants could also offer you a variety of local fish and sea food.

You could meet a number of pretty local taverns and restaurants not only in Chora but also by our lovely seas and in our villages. Some of the local delicious dishes served in our restaurants are cooked by local cooks and women of our villages. “ Doukato” is a beautiful, picturesque restaurant located at the old town where you could have dinner . “ Elliniko” is a traditional restaurant , just 500 metres from our hotel, which would surely make you visit it again and again. If you would like to taste our local meat , it is a good idea to have dinner at Elliniko restaurant. An other good restaurant , highly recommended by our visitors , is “Scirocco” which has both greek and international kitchen. Scirocco restaurant is located in the main square , just 200 meters from Elliniko restaurant. On your way to Saint George Beach from the main square , you would find “ Menu με νου “ restaurant , a picturesque, superb restaurant ,which serves every kind of our local meat and some special salads for those visitors who may want to keep fit during their holidays. On your way to the port , you will meet some other nice restaurants , like Sarris or Meze meze. “Sarris“ restaurant , located in the alleyway near to Waffle House , would offer you not onle fresh fish but also tasty meat. On “Meze“ you could taste delicious local dishes, especially sea food enjoying the view of the port.

Our hotel staff is always willing to give you the appropriate information you may need so as you could have the most enjoyable and unforgettable holidays to our lovely island.